Virtual Call Center: An Overview

What is the difference of a Virtual Call Center from a traditional Call Center?

Traditionally, a Call Center a physical space where customer calls are routed and handled by an organization. A Virtual Call Center is a contact center where most employees, representatives and agents may not be located in one area, some of them may even work in their homes. The difference primarily is its capability of proving more flexibility both business and to its employees. Virtual Call Centers mostly have representatives that are spread out geographically, which means they do not necessarily have to stay in one center. This provides a very practical approach of handling customer service needs for a company, and an attractive arrangement for agents. For companies, this model literally saves housing and equipment cost, and can also bring lower employee turnover. Of course, a Virtual Call Center also offers more benefits.

Market Overview

The 21st century has welcomed several new vertical markets as well as global communities. Connectivity playing a very critical part of this. For Small to Medium-sized Businesses, have a good foundation in terms of connectivity can slingshot their business into the top and right at the center of the public eye. Thus, most SMBs are making the big switch. VoIP has opened the Virtual Call Center Market and it continues to revolve around SMBs.

It has accounted for 75% of the market shares in 2010.

As cloud computing holds a $40.7 billion market in the US alone, it is expected to explode and grow exponentially in 2020 at a forecast of 241 Billion.

“The Virtual Call Center market is expected to follow the same trend and will become the next platform preference for customer interaction”

General Benefits of Virtual Call Center

Primarily, companies choose or switch to Virtual Call Centers because of the benefits it can offer:

  • Cost Reduction – relatively inexpensive, as opposed to the traditional call center setup because there is no need for a physical center, therefore eliminating infrastructure costs. Virtual Call Centers use soft-phones and specially customized software that eradicates the need for desk phones. It is also very easy to deploy and eliminates long distance cost.
  • Greater Agent Selection Pool – employees do not need be confined in a single office space or geographical location, employers have a bigger pool of prospect employees to choose from. The company’s recruitment team will not be restricted to specific area only and can expand the search without extra cost.
  • Increased Employee Retention – Recruitment and training can be costly. However, with Virtual Call Centers, employees opt to stay with their jobs because of the flexibility that comes with it. Agents can work in the comfort of their homes and may have an option of working on their desired schedule, which can make happier employees and increase retention.
  • Flexible Business Solutions – Call volumes may vary significantly depending on the time of the year, seasons or other factors. Having a traditional call center means having to maintain seats and infrastructure setup the whole year-round, which is very costly. With Virtual Call Center you have flexibility of scaling up or down, depending customer needs and demands. You can adjust volumes as it increases or decreases.
  • 5. Excellent Return-on-Investment – Virtual Call Center Solutions offer companies the capacity to switch from inbound to outbound calls easily, even integrate multiple call types creating multi-skilled employees. This can heighten productivity and drive profitability.

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Taking Advantage of Today’s Virtual PBX Systems

The Benefits of our Virtual PBX System

  • Access Phone Systems 24/7 Through Webbased Apps – Managing your phone system has never been made this easy. We make sure that this is made possible with out web-based configuration and management interface. You can access your PBX anytime, anywhere. This is best for people who may not have the luxury of staying in the office 24/7, or for people who are always on the go.
  • Music and Messages on Hold – Datelo’s Virtual PBX allows you to design your own personal call rules to structure your phone systems according to your business needs, including setting up personalized messages for every department and choosing from a list of music that you can use while customers stay on hold.
  • Automated Receptionist – Datelo’s virtual PBX system gives you the option to design an automated receptionist to answer calls and direct customers to the right extension. You can customize your auto attendant to give a custom greeting or select one of our professional defaults for fast set-up. Your automated receptionist can answer frequently asked questions or give directions to reach individual extensions.
  • Create Multiple Extensions – If your business is based in multiple departments or offices from several locations, our Virtual PBX system will allow you to connect all of the individual departments and branches into one centralized calling system. You can set up extensions for each location and assign advanced voicemail and email options. You can also customize each extension with unique music and messaging for hold times or set them to play announcements. Adding and deleting extensions is easy through our web-based portal so you can make changes with the click of a mouse.

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Understanding the Basics of Virtual PBX Systems

What is PBX? 

We know that a PBX System is a telephone switching system that provides communication between a number of phones and trunk lines for departments within a company. Typically, a traditional PBX is connected to a public phone system that automatically routes the incoming calls to specific extensions via a computer server that manages the routing of the calls.

A Virtual PBX on the other hand is software-based and is used to replace the traditional PBX. In this day and age, the Virtual PBX has become the most affordable telephony system solution for small and medium business. Even enterprises rely on this system to take care of their business needs more efficiently and effectively. And since it is software-based, a Virtual PBX system is compatible with with any VoIP capable phones, SIP-compliant devices, softphones, even analog phones.

Datelo offers Virtual PBX phone systems that makes things simple for all your telephony needs, whether you have a small business, medium-sized or an enterprise. We offer no complex hardware setup and it is very easy to mange with our web-based portal. You can access your phone system anywhere you are as long as you have Internet connection. And because it high customizable, it provides a certain level of sophistication and complexity that makes your business look highly professional to potential clients.

What’s In the Cloud

The global market for Virtual PBX, also known as Hosted PBX, continues to grow and has accounted for about $40 billion in sales annually. It has reached approximately 7% of market penetration worldwide and it is still set to grow dramatically in the next few years, as more business become aware of the benefits of these phone solutions.

A market forecast growth of $76.1 billion for VoIP services in 2015 will bring a total of 262 million subscribers all over the world.

In the US alone, this market represents $800 market share. However, this market is expected to soon migrate to another system which is the Cloud-based PBX. Similar growth is expected to happen in the UK. Most small to medium scale enterprises in the UK are currently using Hosted PBX, and 43% may be considering adopting Cloud PBX in the next couple of years.

Cloud PBX is known as an alternative for traditional PBX systems. It takes the form of a public and private cloud applications, and a system based on cloud computing. Currently, cloud-based PBX system are spit in two major markets: large enterprise and small businesses. And over a hundred providers are selling this today including a dozen of small service providers.

Although right now, cloud-based PBX is yet a small part of the whole PBX industry, it has the potential of exponentially growing as the demand of cloud-based systems rapidly rise.

According to market research, this industry is expected to get a $10 billion sales annually.

In 2013, the total PBX sales was around $47 billion globally and cloud-based PBX can possibly make 21% of that sales revenue.

“Cloud-based PBX could be the next big thing.”Why Choose Datelo’s Virtual PBX?

Datelo is committed to providing you and your customers the best options and benefits in the market. Our services can prevent your phone system from becoming a headache. We transform it into an incredibly useful system to make your business platforms easier than ever. Thereby, allowing you to enjoy.

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How Datelo’s IP PBX Works | Let Us Help You Tell Your Story!

Say you are a small business that operates in Brazil servicing customers who are primarily in the United States, Australia, India, UK and Asia Pacific. It will be very expensive for your customers all over the world to call you in Brazil. In this case, most of your customers would probably choose a different company that would be so much easier to contact and get in touch with.

With Datelo’s IP PBX services, you can prevent your phone system from becoming a headache, and transform it into an incredibly useful to make your business platforms easier than ever.

Leverage these key features into your phone system: 

  • Local, International or Toll Free Numbers Available. You can choose from any of these options. Or you can also choose to keep an existing number that your customers may already be familiar with.
  • Multiple Phones Made Simple. Apart from choosing your own number, you can have the option of using multiple phones. And our system makes it easier to streamline multiple phones through one channel and so much easier to monitor phone calls as well as control corporate communications through one user-friendly platform.
  • Personalized Auto-Attendant. You can route calls automatically to different departments and extensions through the automated system. Your customers will be greeted by a prerecorded personalized menu messages before connecting them to an agent or personnel, or prior to presenting other options. This will also be a great opportunity to record marketing messages that introduce new features or products.
  • Personalized Phone System Structure. Datelo let’s you design your own personal call rules to structure your phone systems according to your business needs. When a call comes in, you can set the system to ring multiple calls at once so you never miss an important customer call.
  • Centralized Voice mail and Combined In-box. If you are going to be unavailable, set all calls to go directly to one centralized voice-mail that you can check from any phone wherever you are. Checking multiple voice-mail messages in different boxes can be a headache right? Datelo system allows you to check all voice-mail messages from one combined in-box. This should save you a lot of time especially if you are always on the go.
  • Call Transfer Options Made Easy. This can be easily done using only your keypad so you quickly patch a caller through to another department without a complicated phone.
  • Time Of Day Routing. After Office hours, you can set up the system to deliver all phone calls to your personal mobile phone so you will not miss out on any calls or configure it to be routed to your unified voice mailbox. You can even set specific time schedule when calls are routed to a specific queue, department or extension.
  • Fully Customizable Features. When you choose Datelo, you can design your phone system to work to your specifications. Whether you prefer VoIP, video calling, IP phones, or analog lines, you can make calls in the way you prefer with no vendor lock-ins.

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White paper: Introduction to Datelo’s IP PBX System

ip pbxKnowing the Basics

A PBX is a telephone switching system that companies, either small business or enterprises, use to provide intercommunication between a number of phones and trunk lines for departments within the company. A typical business PBX includes external and internal phone lines, computer servers that manages the calls and manual consoles. And it is connected to a public phone system that automatically routes the incoming calls to specific extensions.

Yet as we move into a highly modernized era, the need for a more sophisticated and increasingly efficient systems has become more explicit.  An IP PBX is a system that supports audio, video and instant messaging communication through an internet protocol. It can pretty much do what a traditional PBX can do and so much more.

The PBX Market

The global PBX market continues to account for more than $40 billion in sales yearly and it continues to group independently from the global economy ever since. Revenues from PBX sales are primarily driven by its ability to refine and improve processes and promote productivity. However, despite quite a strong market, a huge amount of potential remains untapped. market general

An expected compound growth rate of 2.8% has been predicted by IDC covering the period of 2014 to 2018 for low single digit IP PBX.

However, revenue as well as product challenges may continue to a customers demand more software-based solutions. Thus, cloud-based PBX systems are now slowly introduced to the market.

What’s Your Story?

Say you are a small business that operates in Brazil servicing customers who are primarily in the United States, Australia, India, UK and Asia Pacific. It will be very expensive for your customers all over the world to call you in Brazil. In this case, most of your customers would probably choose a different company that would be so much easier to contact and get in touch with.

So what could be done to prevent your customers from leaving your company?

The answer is very simple and Datelo can provide you the right solution that is tailor-fitted for your needs and your budget. Datelo’s IP PBX services can prevent your phone system from becoming a headache, and transform it into an incredibly useful to make your business platforms easier than ever.

Key Features

  • Local, International or Toll Free Numbers Available.
  • Multiple Phones Made Simple.
  • Personalized Auto-Attendant.
  • Personalized Phone System Structure.
  • Centralized Voice mail and Combined In-box.
  • Call Transfer Options Made Easy.
  • Time Of Day Routing Feature
  • Fully Customizable Features.

Learn more about our IP PBX System. Read more and download the Full Version of our IP PBX White paper.

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LeadingQuest, Parlacom and Link Solutions Enter M2M Service Provider Agreement in Brazil

LeadingQuest, a telecommunications leader specializing in machine-to-machine (M2M) communications and IP telephony, announced that it has signed, through its Brazilian affiliate Parlacom LTDA, an agreement with Link Solutions LTDA, one of the largest distributors of M2M services in the Brazilian market. Parlacom M2M Services Platform is a cloud-based solution which powers M2M applications across a number of industries, including fleet tracking and management, security monitoring, healthcare, utilities, and payment processing, among others.

Under the Service Provider Agreement, Link Solutions will now offer all of its customers throughout Brazil access to the Parlacom M2M Services Platform, thus affording reliable and efficient connectivity with all major Brazilian mobile carriers. Link Solutions customers on the Parlacom M2M Services Platform will benefit from an advanced system that provides data control and management for thousands of M2M devices, terminals and applications, and delivers nationwide connectivity for M2M devices.

“This agreement allows Link Solutions to offer our customers access to the Parlacom M2M network and to advanced tools for 3G, 4G and GPRS data and traffic control and mobile device management,” said Alexandro de Araujo, CEO, Link Solutions. “LeadingQuest and Parlacom’s industry expertise and support model provides our customers with the most innovative method for leveraging the power of M2M connectivity to develop new avenues of revenue.”

“Mobile connectivity is driving M2M growth in Brazil, in industries such as healthcare, fleet tracking, security monitoring and payment processing. Our partnership with Link Solutions will help expand the use of the Parlacom M2M Services Platform across South America,” said Clovis Lacerda, CEO of LeadingQuest.

About LeadingQuest and Parlacom

LeadingQuest, based in North Carolina, USA, is a specialized provider of wireless services for the machine-to-machine (M2M) marketplace. Parlacom is the affiliate company in Brazil. Our technology is responsible for powering M2M technology providers worldwide. This includes but is not limited to: vehicle fleet tracking, asset management, remote security monitoring, utility metering and payment processing. M2M applications in several industries rely on LeadingQuest’s M2M Platform to deliver operational efficiencies and cost savings. For more information, please visit and

About Link Solutions

Link Solutions LTDA is one of the largest distributors of M2M services in the Brazilian market. Link Solutions supports its customers with the latest M2M advanced technologies by providing cost-effective, value-added services and solutions. For more information, visit

Parlacom Expanding M2M Services in Brazil

Brazil, being one of the largest countries in the world by population has a very significant demand for Machine-to-machine services. However, the country’s regulatory environment’s high level of protection has presented significant barriers to both new and seasoned players in the market.

The recent regulatory changes, nevertheless, have given Brazil’s M2M market a more positive and optimistic perspective that has surely grabbed the eye of several top providers globally, thereby, prompting Brazil to become one of today’s aggressively growing markets. With a good foresight, Leadingquest, Parlacom and Link Solutions entered a deal recently to further advance and expand the business as well as its coverage.

“Our partnership with Link Solutions will help spread out the role of Parlacom M2M Services Platform not just in Brazil, but across South America,” said Clovis Lacerda, CEO of LeadingQuest and Parlacom Brazil.

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